Mika Tuupola

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M5Stack on Fire!

My life has come to a full circle. I remember sitting in my parents basement in the late 90's programming the fire effect using mixture of Borland Turbo Pascal and Assembler. I had an Intel 80386 which also had the 80387 coprocessor. I remember downloading Lode's graphics tutorials from FidoNet. It was all magic.

How to Calibrate a Magnetometer?

Magnetometers are used to measure the strength of a magnetic field. They can also be used to determine orientation and to compensate gyro drift. Magnetometer provides the last three degrees of freedom in 9DOF sensors. There is one problem though, magnetometers are prone to distortion.

Wifi Geolocation With MicroPython

While evaluating M5Stack for a sidehustle project I created a proof of concept which needed to access wifi network, query an API and download an image. Wifi geolocation which displays a static Google map was a perfect fit. Here are some notes about it.

Install Latest MicroPython to M5Stack

M5Stack is an absolutely beautiful ESP32 based enclosure and development board. It has 320x240 TFT screen, three buttons, sd card slot, Grove I2C connector and can be powered with LiPo battery. But does it run Micropython?