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HTTP Basic Authentication from Database for Slim

HTTP Basic Authentication middleware comes with simple PDO authenticator. It can be used to authenticate users from database.

Witchcraft for PHP

There are two kinds of people. Those who like their accessors and mutators to start with get and set. Then there are us who prefer the short version.

Introduction to Marker Clustering With Google Maps

Static Maps API has URL length limit of around 2048 characters. You can hit this limit quickly when adding lot of markers. You can keep URL short by clustering markers together.

Zoom and Pan Controls With Static Maps

Previously I showed you how to work with markers and bounds. Now we go forward and add zoom and pan controls.

Simple Static Maps With PHP

Lately I have been playing with Google Static Maps API a lot. Writing the same things again and again is tedious job. I decided to put the code together as one clean extendable package.

Infowindows With Google Static Maps

Previously I showed you how to make a Google Static Map with clickable markers. Now we add clickable infowindows.

Clickable Markers With Google Static Maps

Static map is one big image. Markers are embedded inside the image. You can not use traditional href tags around separate markers. Binding onclick event to separate marker images wont work either. There are no separate markers. We can however add an imagemap.

Google Maps Without JavaScript Part 2

Google Maps Without JavaScript