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Branca as an Alternative to JWT?

Branca is a catchy name for IETF XChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD message with an additional version number and timestamp. It is well suited to be used as an authenticated and encrypted API token. Branca specification does not specify the payload format. Among others you can use for example JWT payloads but still have modern encryption and smaller token size provided by Branca.

Different Ways of Accessing an API with JavaScript

Comparing the good old jQuery with modern alternatives. Fetch is an upcoming native standard. Axios is an elegant promise based HTTP client. In the end everything is wrapped together with Vue.js to create an example online base62 decoder.

Chained Selects Stable Release

Chained is now stable and in feature freeze. In 2.x version class support will be removed. Next major version will use data attributes will be used instead. After all, it is 2014 already!

Chained Selects for Zepto

New version of Chained mostly updates the remote version. It now supports both Zepto and jQuery.

Lazy Load with CSS Backgound Image Support

You can now lazyload CSS background images. Bind the plugin to non image element and it will automatically change the background-image style attribute when element is scrolled into view.

Lazy Load Bugfix Release

This version of Lazy Load is just a bugfix release. Minor release number bump is there because I pulled a new feature in last minute and I did not want to mess up my git branching. B

Lazy Load 1.7.0 Released

Previous version of Lazy Load gained traction pretty fast. Good patches were submitted to GitHub. This version of plugin mostly concentrates on speed optimization and event handlers.

How To Make Facebook iFrame Tab Higher Than 800 Pixels?

One of the best things to happen in Facebook development lately was to enable iframe application tabs. This was widely welcomed by developers. However many blog posts wrongly assumed there was a 800 pixel limit on the tab height. Behold, here is the 5000 pixel tab.

iPhone Controlled HTML5 Logo and Color Cube

When Apple released iOS 4.2 end of last year I was on a boat trip to Finland. For me the most interesting features were added to Safari browser. I wanted to learn about WebSockets. New DeviceOrientation API just begged to be abused. I had an idea to control the content of laptop browser by tilting and rotating the phone. I had working but ugly code before ship arrived to Helsinki.

Chained Selects jQuery Plugin

Recently I needed to do chained select navigation for a project. It was relatively simple. I did not want to go through hassle of setting up Ajaxified database queries.

Verify Estonian Isikukood With JavaScript

Yesterday I had to verify Estonian national identification number with JavaScript. The formula is pretty simple. You just have to read it through couple of times to understand.

Search jQuery API Docs from Spotlight

Yesterday Priit Haamer of Fraktal notified me about Spotlight searchable Ruby on Rails documentation he had made. Absolutely brilliant idea. When I saw it I knew I have to do same thing for jQuery.