Mika Tuupola

Technology guy gone advertising.

Wifi Geolocation With MicroPython

While evaluating M5Stack for a sidehustle project I created a proof of concept which needed to access wifi network, query an API and download an image. Wifi geolocation which displays a static Google map was a perfect fit. Here are some notes about it.

WiFi Trilateration With Three or More Points

The popularity of WiFi networks has been rising rapidly during the last 15 years. In urban areas hotspots are ubiquous. These hotspots together with clever trilateration algorithms provide a cheap way to find out your or someone elses relative location.

Reverse Engineering Apple Location Services Protocol

While working on Whereami I got interested on how Apple location services work. I know it is locationd since Little Snitch keeps blocking it. Tinkering with MITM proxy revelealed interesting results.