Mephisto Style Assets for Frog CMS

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Note! I do not maintain this plugin anymore. For latest version check David’s GitHub repository.

This plugin adds Mephisto style asset management to Frog CMS. You can drag thumbnail to body text to insert full URL to image.


Make assets folder into your document root.

cd /path/to/document/root
mkdir assets
chmod a+w assets

Copy plugin files to frog/plugins/assets/ folder. If you do not have Git use download link instead.

cd frog/plugins/
git clone git:// assets

You also need Peter Gassners excellent Image Resize plugin and my jQuery and jQuery UI plugins. Make sure you have latest version of all plugins.

Again if you do not have have git use download link for jQuery, jQuery UI and Image Resize and unpack them manually.

cd frog/plugins/
git clone git:// image_resize
cd frog/plugins/
git clone git:// jquery
cd frog/plugins/
git clone git:// jquery_ui

Go to admin and enable Assets and Image Resize, jQuery and jQuery UI plugins.

NOTE! If you are using Page not found plugin disable and then re-enable it. This makes it run as last plugin on the page and fixes compatibility issue with Image Resize

Now you are set to go.


Assets tab includes simple interface for uploading images or other files. You can delete an asset by dragging it to trashcan.

When editing a page you can drag an asset to textarea. Full URL to asset will appear.

By default files are uploaded to assets folder. If you need more folders you can create them from Assets plugin settings.

NOTE! When adding a folder plugin tries to create it for you. If it fails you will be notified and you must create the folder manually. Also when you remove a folder from settings it will NOT be deleted from server automatically.

When asking a question include an URL to example page where the problem occurs. Even better is to make a Fiddle which demonstrates the problem. If you have longer code examples please use