Lazy Load 1.8.0 Released

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This version of Lazy Load is just a bugfix release. Minor release number bump is there because I pulled a new feature in last minute and I did not want to mess up my git branching. Bugfix usually does not normally warrant for the minor bump.

Bugs fixed

Plugin now works correctly when using many instances and they have different container.

$("#column-1 img").lazyload({ container: $("#column-1") });
$("#column-2 img").lazyload({ container: $("#column-2") });
$("#column-3 img").lazyload({ container: $("#column-3") });


Latest source or minified. Plugin has been tested with Safari 5.1, Safari 6, Chrome 20, Firefox 12 on OSX and Chrome 20, IE 8 and IE 9 on Windows and Safari 5.1 on iOS 5 both iPhone and iPad.

When asking a question include an URL to example page where the problem occurs. Even better is to make a Fiddle which demonstrates the problem. If you have longer code examples please use