State of Kuldmuna Digital and What To Do About It?

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Last weekend Kuldmuna awards were given out. Someone is going to be offended by saying this. Level of most of entries shortlisted in Internet design and Digital advertising categories were shamefully low. I know there have been better projects in Estonia during last year. How did this happen?

DISCLAIMER: I work in advertising agency myself. I have been working in advertising agency or online department of advertising agency for last 11 years. Good to remember when you work in advertising and feel offended by reading this.

Kuldmuna Is an Advertising Competition

This is the main reason. Kuldmuna is about advertising by advertising people. You can see it from the beginning. When submitting your project only names of project manager, copywriter, AD and creative director are asked. Same problem continues in the website and in the Kuldmuna book.

It might be surprising to some but in web projects there is much more. Frontend coder, backend coder and Flash designer are first to come into mind. With larger projects information architect, UI designer and UX designer might be involved. If nothing else please just add one field called Technical designer for these people.

Judging With Advertising Mindset

Entries get judged with advertising mindset. In worst case just by showing a screenshot or presentation of a site. Judges don’t always have time or possibility to click through the site. We are not even talking about checking code quality here. It ends up being a beauty competition.

Easiest way to win is to make full Flash site with flying stuff and sounds. Even better if you invent some new “innovative” navigation. This is sometimes done in purpose. Agencies do separate projects which are good in Internet sense. Other projects which are just done for winning awards.

Smart agencies have learned what to submit to advertising competition. Good online projects do not get submitted to an advertising competition. They won’t win anything anyway.

What To Do About It?

We had exactly the same problem in Finland. Solution was Grand One. We could do exactly the same here in Estonia – Our own online awards organized and judged by online people.

I am willing to invest my own time and money for this. I just need some native Estonian speaker to join me (I do speak Estonian, just suck at writing it).

Starting Steps

I already figured out name for the awards. I have discussed the name with Estonian colleagues and everyone approved the idea. Name of the competition would be “Au tööle!”.

To start things quickly Au tööle! Twitter channel was set up. Purpose of this channel is to have place which lists what online projects agencies are doing. Yes, there is but only some projects are submitted there. To add your project send a private tweet or email [email protected]. Send the following info:

This solves another problem we have. Lots of projects get done without other agencies knowing about them. It is nice to know what other are doing. Please send recent projects. Do not spam with everything you have done during last year.

If Twitter channel becomes we could start giving out smaller awards. Once a month might be too often. Every other month is a good start. Winner would be chosen by three judges. New judges are chosen each time. Judges will come from different agencies and there should be at least one designer and one coder.

Beginning of next year would be the first gala. Up to here everything has been free. Companies submitting projects to main event would have to pay a fee. There should be one category for non-profits or bloggers where entrance fee is free. Categories would be:

How Do You Feel About It?

What do you think? You think I am crazy? It will never work? You would like to help? One thing is for sure – something needs to be done. If you have any ideas or suggestion leave a comment (in english or estonian).

When asking a question include an URL to example page where the problem occurs. Even better is to make a Fiddle which demonstrates the problem. If you have longer code examples please use