Koduleidja copies Igglo

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HEADS UP! This article was written in 2007. Information provided might not be valid anymore and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Estonian business tabloid Äripäev writes about new real estate portal Koduleidja. According to äripäev this newcomer is bringing out fresh concept to real estate market: silent buying and selling.

What Äripäev fails to mention the concept is not new at all. Instead it is a copy of Finnish real estate portal Igglo.

Igglo was first launched in February 2006. Company and the concept it has been successfull. It currently operates also in Norway. One of the key features of Igglo has been the silent buying and selling. Portal has information and photos of every single building in Helsinki and other big cities in Finland. If you are interested in buying a flat from a specific house you can ear mark your interest anonymously. Also if you are interested in selling yours you can mark that there is a flat possibly available in this house.

No one can claim that similarities are accidental. Even site layouts are almost identical. Judge for yourself from screenshots below.

Good ideas are always copied. Let the best implementation win. I wish luck to both.

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