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Flat UI Theme for Developers

Wanna be like all the cool guys? Grab a Flat UI theme for TextMate 2 and Sublime Text. It is based on colors of the amazing Flat UI Pro framework made by Designmodo. Theme is for oldschool hackers who prefer their terminal windows to be green or yellow on black. It offers just enough highlighting without looking like a rainbow.

NOTE! Designmodo link above contains my referral code. If you buy something from them I will get a reward and be a happy puppy.

Textmate 2

To install download the zipped bundle. Unzip it and doubleclick on the resulting file. It will ask if you want to install the bundle.

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Chained Selects for Zepto

New version of Chained mostly updates the remote version. Plugin now supports both Zepto and jQuery. You can avoid initial AJAX requests by bootstrapping select values. You can configure extra values to be sent to server. Since plugin now accepts more configuration options new prettier syntax was implemented. Lastly support for Bower was added.

Zepto support

Since plugin uses :selected you must also include Zepto selector extension. It is not included by default.

<script src="zepto.js"></script>
<script src="zepto.selector.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.chained.js"></script>

After this you can use the plugin as you normally would.

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Lazy Load 1.9.0 Released

CSS background images

You can now lazyload CSS background images. Bind the plugin to non image element and it will automatically change the background-image style attribute when element is scrolled into view. You can also use effects.

<div class="lazy" data-original="img/bmw_m1_hood.jpg" style="background-image: url('img/grey.gif'); width: 765px; height: 574px;"></div>

    effect : "fadeIn"

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Lazy Load 1.8.0 Released

This version of Lazy Load is just a bugfix release. Minor release number bump is there because I pulled a new feature in last minute and I did not want to mess up my git branching. Bugfix usually does not normally warrant for the minor bump.

Bugs fixed

Plugin now works correctly when using many instances and they have different container.

$("#column-1 img").lazyload({ container: $("#column-1") });
$("#column-2 img").lazyload({ container: $("#column-2") });
$("#column-3 img").lazyload({ container: $("#column-3") });

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Lazy Load 1.7.0 Released

Previous version of Lazy Load gained traction pretty fast. Good patches were submitted to GitHub. This version of plugin mostly concentrates on speed optimization and event handlers.

New Events

Two new events were added. Handler for appear event is called when image appears to viewport but before it is loaded. Handler for load event is called when image is loaded. Both event handler receive two parameters. First parameter elements_left is numbers of images left to load. Second parameter settings is the settings passed to Lazy Load plugin. Inside both handlers this refers to the image dom element.

    appear : function(elements_left, settings) {
        console.log(this, elements_left, settings);
    load : function(elements_left, settings) {
        console.log(this, elements_left, settings);

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Built using the awesome Flat UI Pro framework by Designmodo.

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